The way how he kiss her with his opened eye, and make her confused then she always ask why he didn't close them and he replied because he want to see her. The way he laughs with his eye cringed and his typical laugh voice that she love. His confused and hoarse wake up voice that she want to hear every morning. His weird habit for always starving in the middle of the night and complain her he was hungry but too lazy for making food and asking her to come instead even he know it's impossible for her to come. His annoying deed for always proudly said that his armpit smells good, but actually not at all. How he take so long time for taking a bath and make up that she dont understand what's he doing there. His cooking talent that she will can never defeated. The way he always mad when she's just too clumsy for handling things. The way he wipes her tears even he dont want to. He is a lazzy ass but when it comes to his beloved thing like his car or shoes, no one ever beat his talent for taking care of them. How he love his head being massaged until he fall asleep. How sleepyhead he is. The way he make her smile with his unpredictable way. The way he care for her with unordinary way that not everyone will understand. The way he love kids.The way he strummed his guitar that make her melts. How a grumpy boy like him being so clingy sometimes. The way he tightly hug her with that much different height she love, cause it pefectly fit for her to hear his heartbeat. How he really love music. How he complain her for can't taking photos properly. How he hates her instagram feeds. How he can being so goofy, and act weird around her, means that he is in a good mood. He hate dazzled so much, he will getting angry with her because she use too much brightness in her phone screen. How pain in the past shaped him and how he build wall to defend. She understand. And too many things to write about him. She's just trying to understand him. She really is.

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