Loving Someone Hurts

People once asked me, what will I choose between loving someone or loved by someone? I answered "loved by someone". "Why?" they asked me again, "cause we dont need to wondering all night are they really love us or not, what should we do for them to make them stay, through the exhausting anxiety, jealousy and insecurity we know they still love us the same." he noded to my answer, well I know loving someone is hurts. Knowing they'll be fine without us knowing they have nothing to lose in us maybe, meanwhile we are struggling to dying from pain without them, whatever they did we're still accept it even it's really hurt us, because, we love them.. selfishly deep. We know, the fact of staying together is hard but stay apart will be harder for us. We know fight and losing an arguments for them every week is easier than losing them forever. We really know that.

And yes, I do have someone, that I really love. I have someone to fight and lose an arguments every week with. I do have someone that make my heart ache every time he's doing fine without me. I do have someone that I really can't lose, I feels like I'll be sick af if he ever leave. I do have that kind of so much love.

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