Night Thoughts

Sometimes, second chances just not available for everyone who might deserve it, even they're really want it. Everybody in this world know that our planet ain't fair enough to be lived. We know sure about that. Life circle just won't stop on their best position, everybody gonna feel the pain, hurt each other, may forgive or not, may forget it or not, loving, caring, dissapointing each other, rich, poor, healthy, sick, born, die, happy or sad, take and give, get or loss. Just like that. What we must to do is just appreciate that moments and keep it flow so we will not get any regret or guilty feeling about that. But, if they're wont work like what we've planned, make it sure to rearrange them. We may decide to just moving on or stuck with it, to forget it or keep it works. Things may happened with their own reason.
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