I want to grow old together with you..

I've never been so deeply in love my whole life. Loving someone so much before, this feeling kinda just exploded from hidden place that I never knew. I dont know why this could be so hurts, till I physically feel it. Craving for someone until you're litteraly ache. But I feels like this is worth the universe, we can face it, I can. As I remember, never been so in love with someone as much as I love him before, feels like I can give him my world instead. And suddenly, I dont have eyes for somebody else, never. My journey just stop here, I couldn't ask for more, I want only him. Semua tipe-tipe kriteria pasangan just gone until I met him, this is just insane. Aku tidak ingin menuntut banyak, selain berusaha menjadi rumah untuknya, I never done this big improvement before, I try so hard for being a better me for him. Being a home, means I can handling all of his gloomy, bad feeling, sadness, even his anger through his ups and downs. Really wanna see him being a better person for his sake.

I want to grow old together with you, till we grow old and grey. Even, I do really know I'm such a mess for handling things but you know it I'll try so hard, you dont have idea how much I try. Hope you will never tired of me. Like you've been said "thanks for 5 great years" on my birthday. That's the best gift that you've ever said, indeed. And there will be another great years ahead, isn't it? I really hope so. I love you, ky. I really do.

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