I'm a sad collection of maybes and almost

"The saddest thing in the whole wide world is the word "almost"
He was almost in love
She was almost good for him
He almost stopped her
She almost waited it
He almost lived
They almost made it.."
It will and was never gone. My feeling towards you will stay unexpressed and unsaid. I know, I have no right to coming to you, I'm not brave enough to saying I was sorry.
I dont know what a kind of karma that was gave or will given to me, but maybe I know this one is literally my karma. I say, you may start laughing at me right now.
After all this time, I do realize that I always love the way you love me. I always love your eyes, the way you looked at in the eye of person that you love. The way you've expressed it altough you never say it infront of me by a words. I know you're bad on words. And last but not least, I realized that you're the person who stayed the most longer on my mind. Every single times.
I do love you without knowing how, I love you because it's you.
I dont know how it will be, or when it will happen, but let me know.. Are there any other way to accrossing you?

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